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Roger Gracie BJJ Academy NZ
The Roger Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy NZ is the first BJJ academy under 10 time BJJ World Champion Roger Gracie to open in NZ. Roger Gracie is of course part of the famed BJJ family the Gracies, who introduced the world to their Vale Tudo style of fighting and grappling. Head instructor at the Roger Gracie BJJ Academy is Kelvin Joseph, Kelvin began training with Roger Gracie in his 20's and went on to instruct at the Roger Gracie Academy in London. Kelvin is a brown belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu, and has just returned from London where he trained one on one with Roger Gracie himself.
07 578 5344
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154 First Avenue West
Mon - Fri 9AM - 9PM
Saturday 9AM - 2PM
Sunday 4.30PM - 6.30PM

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